Online consulting package for SAP junior consultants, SAP newcomers or SAP career changers

Feb 2022 | Karriere

Our possibilities to support SAP career changers, SAP junior consultants and SAP newcomers

As a recruiting agency, we specialise in filling SAP positions that generally require several years of relevant experience in projects – including customising or development in SAP – in a permanent position. These are the requirements of the clients in whose organisations we fill positions. Since we generally have tight guidelines from our clients as to which candidate contacts we have to offer, we are often unable to offer support to interested SAP junior consultants or SAP career changers as part of the recruitment process, even if the candidates have an excellent professional background, but which is slightly outside our specialisation.

However, as we are very interested in newcomers or career changers to the SAP world being successful in their job search (and possibly working with us in a few years), we have summarised several articles below with recommendations for SAP junior consultants, SAP newcomers or SAP career changers. These articles describe how to best proceed in the application process for an SAP position and which potential employer organisations you can/should approach. In addition, we give advice on the structure of the application documents and and on the development of the appllication process.

Perhaps we ablewith this guideline to support you as an SAP junior or SAP career changer and you will remember us again after a successful start. If you think that guideline is helpful, we would be pleased if you would recommend the articles to your friends and colleagues or in social networks.

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Important information for SAP junior consultants, SAP newcomers or SAP career changers

  1. Application strategy for SAP Junior Consultants and SAP Career Changers
  2. Structure of the application documents
  3. Templates/examples of application documents for SAP consultants
  4. Potential employers for SAP junior consultants or career changers
  5. The development of the interview process
  6. General information on the application process
  7. SAP Consulting Companies in Germany (PDF-List)

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